Let's Save Ltd are a cost saving company working with businesses and organisations in bringing their running costs down and getting the right suppliers in place. After a substantial change in direction for Let's Save, now solely focussing on cost savings for New and Re-locating Businesses, the Education sector, Health and Care sectors and Charities, they wanted a brand that somehow reflected this. But avoiding at all costs (excuse the pun) using icons such as piggybanks and coins.


Hildred Design embraced this challenge and set to work! Of course when you think about savings and money the first thing you do think about is piggybanks and pennies! So, another avenue was taken concentrating on the business and it's delivery rather than the end product.


Reflected in the new branding is a series of circles that represent each target sector of the business, each having it's own colour. Wendy Ward, the director of 'Let's Save Ltd' is the centre of the business, striving to be the positive connection between the customer and the supplier, so it was only natural that the positive icon of a cross should represent her. Hence, the strapline was born and furthermore the new branding. The colours are used as sub-branding and are used on everything from stationery to leaflets, pull-up banners and the website.






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